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    • Support related to the game or website can be found by sending an email to [email protected] You can also create a thread for support, and we will contact you through email or a private message. 
    • Hello Ehtrix community, On behalf of the Ehtrix team we would like to thank you for such a successful launch and for being such an amazing community! I have opened a staff feedback thread so that you guys can give your honest feedback on each of the staff and you can let us know how we are doing! Staff Feedback Template:  Owner Jesse -  Community Manager Engelen666  Discord Moderator  Ohwow -  Server Moderator Ohwow -   Server Moderator Mint -  Server Support   Tx Jordan -
    • [ _____________________starter price guide_____________________ ] ***Crtl F to search item*** Swift gloves (black):10b Spellcaster gloves (black):10b Berserker ring (i): 1b Archer ring (i): 1b Warrior ring (i):1b Onyx ring (i): 1b Bandos set: 7b Abyssal whip: 1b upgraded armadyle godsword: 1b Armadyl godsword: 1b upgraded bandos godsword: 1b Bandos godsword: 1b upgraded zamorak godsword: 1b Zamorak godsword: 1b Saradomin godsword: 1b upgraded dragon claws: 2b Dragon claws: 1b Abyssal dagger p++: 15b Void melee set: 3b Void range set: 5b Assasins set: 65b Black unicorn mask: 30b white unicorn mask: 30b Dragonfire ward: 120b Ancient wyvern shield: 120b Optimus katana: 30b Mythic katana: 30b titan katana: 30b 3rd age melee set: 70b 3rd age mage set: 70b 3rd age range set: 70b 3rd age druidic cloak: 15b 3rd age amulet: 15b Dragonbone melee set: 70b Dragonbone mage set: 70b flame gloves: 1b Torva set (zaros): 15-20b Pernix set (zaros): 15-20b Virtus set (zaros): 15-20b Torva set (elite): 7-10b     Pernix set (elite): 7-10b Virtus set (elite): 7-10b Torva set (tropical): 20-25b Dragon hatchet (e): 100b Dragon pickaxe (e): 100b kalphite set t1: 180-200b kalphite set t2: 280b-300b seismic wand set: 80-100b Ghrazi rapier set t1: 40b Ghrazi rapier (e): 80-100b noxious bow: 120-150b noxious bow (e): 270-300b noxious staff: 100-150b noxious staff (e) 350-500b noxious scythe: 100-140b noxious scroll: 30b exquisite sword set: 4000-6000b kalphite set t1: 100b-150b kalphite set t2: 270b-350b obisidian set: 1500-2000b elder maul pvp: 130-170b     elder maul pvm: 400b dice permit: 700b     brutal whip fire: 25b     brutal whip ice: 25b brutal whip mystic: 25b brutal whip earth: 25b illuminesence mystic: 15b illuminesence earth: 15b illuminesence ice: 15b illuminesence fire: 15b lava partyhat: 250b seismic wand: 35b ring of wealth: 2-4b ring of wealth(i): 7-10b doomed assasin set: 150b  ehtrix torva set: 50b         ehtrix virtus set: 40b ehtrix pernix set: 70b max drop rate set: 70b infernal cape: 60-70b twisted heart: 20b infernal heart: 50b scythe of vitur: 80-120b ghrazi rapier: 75b twisted bow: 215-250b kodai wand: 75b avernic defender: 75b dragon warhammer: 75b ghrazi set: 85b maul of omen: 150-185b maul of omen empowered: 450b donor necklace: 75b double drop aura 2x drops: 150b flaming skull: 50b chaotic maul(lite): 1b chaotic rapier/longsword(lite): 1b chaotic's tier(1): 1b tier'2 : 2b revenant spirit shield: 1b doomed spirit shield: 3b ice spirit shield: 5b demon horn boots Reg: 1b demon horn boots lava: 1b demon horn boots ice: 1b demon horn boots ehtrix: 5b demon horn boots dust: 1b blood necklace: 1b amulet of fury(or): 1b mortal/angelic/demonic/l33t wings: 2b godbow: 1-3b pvm monkey: non tradeable  empowered gem: 3b upgrade crystal: 8-10b pvm wings: 5b luicien wings : 10b eternal wings: 12-14b     ehtrix wings: 15-20b     tormented wings: 30b  vote ticket: 4-7b sirenic set: 50b   Anything need changing pm me on discord         ehtrix                               kalphite                                                        Dragonbone        Zaros                      Zbow Third-age                                                                                                                                                                                    Obsidian                                                                 Ankou Virtus slayerAncient wyvern Noxious                              void                sirenic set assasin Dragonfire ward                                                                            blowpipe chaotic T2                                                                                    Katana       Partyhats                                                                              Hween                                                                                                                                                                                        Santa                                                                                      Slayer masters set                                                                                         Flaming skull                                                                                        Double Drop Aura                                                               exquisite sword set                                                            Dragon Warhammer                                                          Doomed Assasins set                                                                   Donor necklace  Unicorn mask black/white                                                                         Lava korasi                                                                               Shadow                                                                  Maul of Omens                                                                     Luicen wings     This guide is not complete! more will be added and edited!                          
    • Haunted Dragon Dagger Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Daggers + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Scimitar Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Scimitars + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Mace Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Maces + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Claws Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Claws + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Long sword Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Long swords + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2)
    • Empowered Noxious Bow - Slayer Master's set (Helm body and legs) + 8 Mythic Crystals Empowered Noxious Staff - Slayer Master's set (Helm body and legs) + 8 Mythic Crystals  
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About us

Ehtrix is a new custom private server, it is based on the revision 667 with custom items, whether they be modified OSRS items, Ehtrix allows the ability for players to login and pk or go against creatures within the game.

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Global events

Global events such as tournaments and the world boss offer unique items! you can participate in them for free!

About voting

Your vote means so much to us, you can vote to help us reach the top list of private servers, and receive awards!

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