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  2. Hello Ehtrix community, On behalf of the Ehtrix team we would like to thank you for such a successful launch and for being such an amazing community! I have opened a staff feedback thread so that you guys can give your honest feedback on each of the staff and you can let us know how we are doing! Staff Feedback Template: Owner Jesse - Community Manager Engelen666 Discord Moderator Ohwow - Server Moderator Ohwow - Server Moderator Mint - Server Support Tx Jordan -
  3. [ _____________________starter price guide_____________________ ] ***Crtl F to search item*** Swift gloves (black):10b Spellcaster gloves (black):10b Berserker ring (i): 1b Archer ring (i): 1b Warrior ring (i):1b Onyx ring (i): 1b Bandos set: 7b Abyssal whip: 1b upgraded armadyle godsword: 1b Armadyl godsword: 1b upgraded bandos godsword: 1b Bandos godsword: 1b upgraded zamorak godsword: 1b Zamorak godsword: 1b Saradomin godsword: 1b upgraded dragon claws: 2b Dragon claws: 1b Abyssal dagger p++: 15b Void melee set: 3b Void range set: 5b Assasins set: 65b Black unicorn mask: 30b white unicorn mask: 30b Dragonfire ward: 120b Ancient wyvern shield: 120b Optimus katana: 30b Mythic katana: 30b titan katana: 30b 3rd age melee set: 70b 3rd age mage set: 70b 3rd age range set: 70b 3rd age druidic cloak: 15b 3rd age amulet: 15b Dragonbone melee set: 70b Dragonbone mage set: 70b flame gloves: 1b Torva set (zaros): 15-20b Pernix set (zaros): 15-20b Virtus set (zaros): 15-20b Torva set (elite): 7-10b Pernix set (elite): 7-10b Virtus set (elite): 7-10b Torva set (tropical): 20-25b Dragon hatchet (e): 100b Dragon pickaxe (e): 100b kalphite set t1: 180-200b kalphite set t2: 280b-300b seismic wand set: 80-100b Ghrazi rapier set t1: 40b Ghrazi rapier (e): 80-100b noxious bow: 120-150b noxious bow (e): 270-300b noxious staff: 100-150b noxious staff (e) 350-500b noxious scythe: 100-140b noxious scroll: 30b exquisite sword set: 4000-6000b kalphite set t1: 100b-150b kalphite set t2: 270b-350b obisidian set: 1500-2000b elder maul pvp: 130-170b elder maul pvm: 400b dice permit: 700b brutal whip fire: 25b brutal whip ice: 25b brutal whip mystic: 25b brutal whip earth: 25b illuminesence mystic: 15b illuminesence earth: 15b illuminesence ice: 15b illuminesence fire: 15b lava partyhat: 250b seismic wand: 35b ring of wealth: 2-4b ring of wealth(i): 7-10b doomed assasin set: 150b ehtrix torva set: 50b ehtrix virtus set: 40b ehtrix pernix set: 70b max drop rate set: 70b infernal cape: 60-70b twisted heart: 20b infernal heart: 50b scythe of vitur: 80-120b ghrazi rapier: 75b twisted bow: 215-250b kodai wand: 75b avernic defender: 75b dragon warhammer: 75b ghrazi set: 85b maul of omen: 150-185b maul of omen empowered: 450b donor necklace: 75b double drop aura 2x drops: 150b flaming skull: 50b chaotic maul(lite): 1b chaotic rapier/longsword(lite): 1b chaotic's tier(1): 1b tier'2 : 2b revenant spirit shield: 1b doomed spirit shield: 3b ice spirit shield: 5b demon horn boots Reg: 1b demon horn boots lava: 1b demon horn boots ice: 1b demon horn boots ehtrix: 5b demon horn boots dust: 1b blood necklace: 1b amulet of fury(or): 1b mortal/angelic/demonic/l33t wings: 2b godbow: 1-3b pvm monkey: non tradeable empowered gem: 3b upgrade crystal: 8-10b pvm wings: 5b luicien wings : 10b eternal wings: 12-14b ehtrix wings: 15-20b tormented wings: 30b vote ticket: 4-7b sirenic set: 50b Anything need changing pm me on discord ehtrix kalphite Dragonbone Zaros Zbow Third-age Obsidian Ankou Virtus slayerAncient wyvern Noxious void sirenic set assasin Dragonfire ward blowpipe chaotic T2 Katana Partyhats Hween Santa Slayer masters set Flaming skull Double Drop Aura exquisite sword set Dragon Warhammer Doomed Assasins set Donor necklace Unicorn mask black/white Lava korasi Shadow Maul of Omens Luicen wings This guide is not complete! more will be added and edited!
  4. Haunted Dragon Dagger Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Daggers + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Scimitar Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Scimitars + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Mace Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Maces + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Claws Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Claws + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2) Haunted Dragon Long sword Empowered (T2) - 15 Haunted Dragon Long swords + Haunted Scroll(Tier 2)
  5. Empowered Noxious Bow - Slayer Master's set (Helm body and legs) + 8 Mythic Crystals Empowered Noxious Staff - Slayer Master's set (Helm body and legs) + 8 Mythic Crystals
  6. Drygore Rapier(Mainhand) Empowered- Drygore rapier(MainHand) + 150 slayer tickets + 4 upgrade crystals Drygore Rapier(Offhand) Empowered- Drygore rapier(OffHand) + 150 slayer tickets + 4 upgrade crystals Exquisite sword (MainHand)- Drygore rapier(Mainhand) Empowered + 5 mystic crystals + 350 slayer tickets + 4 upgrade crystals Exquisite sword (OffHand)- Drygore rapier(OffHand) Empowered + 5 mystic crystals + 350 slayer tickets + 4 upgrade crystals Slayer Master's Helm - slayer master helm - slayer torva helm - slayer virtus mask- slayer pernix cowl - 600 slayer tickets Slayer Master's Platebody- slayer master platebody - slayer torva platebody- slayer virtus robe top- slayer pernix body - 600 slayer tickets Slayer Master's Legs- slayer master legs - slayer torva platelegs- slayer virtus robe legs- slayer pernix chaps - 600 slayer tickets (slayer masters legs refers to the slayer master set that u buy in the slayer store and u left click and click upgrade on this gear to upgrade to Slayer Master's which is the upgraded one) Angel Wings(Trio) - Nation wings + Nation wings (Dust) + Nation wings (Ice) Ehtrix wings - Lucien wings + 8 upgrade crystals T2 Kalphite helm - Kalphite helm + 4 upgrade crystals T2 Kalphite chestplate - Kalphite chestplate + 4 upgrade crystals T2 Kalphite platelegs- Kalphite platelegs + 4 upgrade crystals Slayer Shield (T2) - Slayer Shield (T1) + Slayer Shield (T1) Slayer Shield (T3) - Slayer Shield (T2) + Slayer Shield (T2) ( To upgrade this there is a glitch where it says u need 3 but u actually only need 2) Slayer Shield (T4) - Slayer Shield (T3) + Slayer Shield (T3) Slayer Shield (T5)- Slayer Shield (T4) + Slayer Shield (T4) Flaming skull (T2)/Green Flaming Skull - Flaming Skull + 50 Slayer Tickets Flaming skull (T3)/Purple Flaming Skull - Flaming Skull (T2)/Green Flaming Skull + 100 Slayer Tickets Flaming Skull (T4)/Blue Flaming Skull - Flaming Skull (T3)/Purple Flaming Skull + 250 Slayer Tickets Mystic Crystal - Earth Crystal + Fire Crystal + Ice Crystal
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  8. Try to logon now please.
  9. EHTRIX UPDATE LOG Hi everyone, we did a content update that consists of donor zones, a new shop , bosses, upgrade options, and more! Donator Zones Donator zones have been drastically improved. Now, every tank has its own unique zone with bosses. The Regular Donator Zone: The regular donator zone features the abyssal demon (ice). The abyssal demon (ice) drops: Abyssal whip (lite) Demon horn boots (ice) Torva, pernix, and virtus (ice) Angel wings (ice) The Super Donator Zone The super donator zone now features the monkey as an npc. The monkey offers similar drops to men, but at an increased rate. The Extreme Donator Zone In the extreme donator zone, you will be able to mine novite bars and sell them for more skilling coins than the average runite ore. This zone features a new boss called the WildyWyrm. The npc has the following drops to offer: Tanzanite helmet Drygore rapier main-hand Drygore rapier off-hand Lava korasi & more! The legendary donator zone In the legendary donator zone, you will be able to mine argonite bars that can be sold for more skilling coins than the novite bars. This zone also features a new dragon, shadow dragon. This new dragon has the following drops to offer: Serpentine helmet Shadow korasi Absorption wings & more! The Sponsor Donator Zone In the sponsor donator zone, you will be able to mine the most valuable bars, or resource, that can be sold for the most amount of skilling coins in the game. The zone consists of many npcs. Due to areas getting populated, there were the following npcs added to the zone: 99 slayer boss Shadow dragon Tz-har jad Tz-tok jad Werewolves Dark beast Monkeys Fire giant Moss giant Nomad Ice warrior Obsidian Bork Wildywyrm & more! New Item Upgrade Option The attacker icon is no upgradable! You can only upgrade your attacker icon from level 1-4. You can right click “upgrade” on attackers that range from this level to upgrade them. Slayer Boss Loot Adjustment The slayer boss now has much more to offer. It is no longer available in the regular donator zone. The only place you will be able to find the slayer boss is in the slayer boss zone, or sponsor zone! The 99 slayer boss has the follow drops to offer at an increased rate: Slayer ticket Slayer box Upgrade crystal Ice, fire, and earth crystal The new drops at the slayer boss consist of: Glacial katana main-hand Glacial katana off-hand Slayer nex boss The glacial katanas are new weapons and they come with true damage. They are only obtainable through the 99 slayer boss, or by donating: The new billionaire shop has been added, and you can access the shop by clicking beefy bill who is located south west of edgeville. It has one of the most desired crystals in the game that can be purchased through billz bags: Jad: One of the jad bosses no longer drops an infernal cape, and drops rate for that boss has decreased slightly. We will find a better way to introduce the infernal cape and make it a worthwhile item! The obsidian boss now gives you a 100% chance at obtaining the boss mystery box! The king black dragon now drops the noxious knowledge scroll! Item bonuses: The noxious staff finally has bonuses. Every slayer virtus piece has received an increase in bonuses. The exquisite swords have received an increase in bonuses overall! Sponsor Rank Adjustment: When donating for a sponsor ticket only from our new web store, you will receive a sponsor cape with it that has the following to offer: Increased drop rate by 2% 125+ in all bonuses overall *Note: the sponsor cape no longer banks loot* Donor Necklace: The new donor necklace now is the best in-slot necklace, offering the following perks: 2% drop rate 50+ in all bonuses Ability to loot all npc drops Unlimited run when worn 20% off items purchased using redeems in the donor shop Twisted, Infernal, and Imbued Heart: The twisted, infernal, and imbued heart have received an increase in bonuses overall. The twisted, and infernal heart now boost your bonuses to 125+. The twisted heart will increase your ranged to 125+ when it is used, and the infernal heart will now boost your strength, attack, and defense to 125+ The imbued heart now increases your magic bonuses to 118+ Due to popular demand, the overload potion flask has been added to the barrow’s for only 5,000,000 gold: Adjustments: The man boss, and zombies have been removed from safe areas. Now they are only attack-able in the wilderness! While the new site is in construction, and the old donation store didn’t work, we worked on implementing a new donation system that would allow for a coupon system, and total donated amount starting from now. You can use our new coupon code ‘LAUNCH’ to receive a discount when checking out of our new store athttps://app.gpay.io/store/ehtrix Redeem and mystic boxes are automatically doubled when donated for. You can use the command ;;claimdonation to claim your reward after you donate. The glacial katana set is available for a limited time! The Future of Ehtrix With everything being said, all prizes from the competition have been claimed. A recent prize was claimed by our staff member “pageoff”! There will be more events hosted like this in the future. Perhaps a new game mode could follow up with prizes hosted before. The new website is still being developed, and we are switching to a new platform that would allow players to vote. Voting has been disabled due to security reasons. You can expect the following updates in the future: New website (voting, landing page, etc.) Lottery well (global event) Item trade values (compiled once) Boss instances (trading x currency for an instanced boss) Tournament system (global event system with old school gold prizes) Bonus experience points rewarded when completing agility courses Increased loot from the ticket chest New healing icons Content bug fixes (compiled) Official Launch Competition Results: To sum up all of the winners for the competition: pageoff - iron-man completionist: Claimed paypal credit Ganjukas- skiller mode completionist: Claimed old school gold Hernandez- instant mode completionist: Claimed old school gold Supreme/Resse- 500 kills total obtained: Claimed paypal credit Youtuber with the most discord invites: Paypal credit claimed by ZachTX Top inviters: Paypal credit winners: Nikolas, S7even, and 911oho 100m old school gold tournament: This tournament will resume once the new tournament system is ready! You can use our new coupon code ‘LAUNCH’ to receive a discount when checking out of our new store at https://app.gpay.io/store/ehtrix Redeem and mystic boxes are automatically doubled when donated for. You can use the command ;;claimdonation to claim your reward after you donate.
  10. very good in depth guide that will definitely help a lot of newcomers ! keep it up
  11. So u spawn in and pick the mode u are playing and u get some gear at first Step 1: Go to ;;man and kill them until u get a chaotic lite (chaotic longsword and maul are best imo) and u will also be hunting empowered gems as u get these u want to upgrade your chaotic it takes 2 empowered gems per tier and at tier 2 u are done with the weapon After getting a tier 2 chaotic i recommend doing some werewolves until u get torva and some decent wings and also pkers buy blowpipe but these are harder to kill than man but will be pretty quick Step 2: go to global teleports and than click the word bosses and click Tz-Tok-Jad and kill the boss. U are hunting for the pvm boxes because its a guaranteed drop on the kill of the boss and u want ring of wealth and items in the pvm store so u can sell them back for pvm tickets. U keep the row(i) and pvm wings and pvm monkey as all 3 of these items give drop rate and u stop once u have gotten a row e which is 5 row i and u left click one and click upgrade to make row e. upgrade crystals and pvm elder scrolls are worth some money so keep these if u get them and u will need them later so sell only if u are given a sweet deal. Step 3: teleport home and click on the altar of zaros so u get curses and go to the food and pots shop and buy some restores and turn on turmoil and soulsplit and go to global teleports and click on the word bosses and click Vorago. The drop u are going for is omen maul as its an upgrade to your current weapon and will help with slayer. Step 4: Go home and talk to kuradel and get a task and start doing slayer. after u get your task talk to her again to be teleported to your task and the items/gear u want from slayer is slayer torva top and legs and flaming skull with slayer boots and gloves. dont spend the tickets and at level 75 do ice warriors, fire giants, and moss giants. kill each npc until u get an ice crystal from ice warriors and earth crystal from moss giants and fire crystal from fire giants. now left click the ice crystal and click upgrade to make a mystic crystal and store this as u will need it later. the saved tickets are to be used on your flaming skull to upgrade it to tier 5 it starts off as 50 tickets for the first upgrade scaling to 100 and by t5 u will have used close to 450ish tickets.but u dont need t5 flaming skull to move on as its a late game item u can come back and farm slayer tickets later Step 5: go back to global teleports and click the word bosses again and scroll down to the word nomadian boss as u will kill this until u get a noxious knowledge and bank this and u will go back to global teleports and click on bosses and click on TokHaar-Jad now this boss is multi and most damage wins so its unlikely u will get kills but try to if u can. U are hunting for noxious scythe and pvp maul as u will need them to make pvm elder maul. If u keep getting crashed and cant get kills go to ;;skillingzone and level your fishing to 92 and fish and sell rocktails to the fishing store until u get 80 skilling bags and u can sell these for a noxious scythe. now upgrade the noxious scythe with the knowledge in your bank 2 empowered gems and 2 upgrade crystals to make noxious scythe empowered. use this over the omen and try to sell it for a fair deal but its hard to sell at times. Step 6: go back to global teleports and click on bosses and go to ehtrix boss and kill it until u get full kalphite now to kill this boss use soulsplit and be prepared to teleport back a ton but pickup the boss boxes and save the drygore rapiers. now with the kalphite u can choose to keep killing the boss for more sets so u can sell them for pvp elder. upgrading the kalphite with upgrade crystals for t2 will make it sell for more and u need 4 upgrade crystals per piece. now try to sell this for a pvp elder maul or more as it depends on the buyer. now go back to man or tz-tok-jad until u get a set of empowered t2 chaotics as u will need t2 chaotic rapier, maul, longsword, and crossbow lite for a pvm elder maul. also try to get 2 more upgrade crystals and 150m pvm tickets and once u have these items get all your t2 chaotic lites and 150m pvm tickets and 2 upgrade crystals and pvp maul and elder pvm scroll and noxious scythe empowered and left click the chaotic t2 lite maul and click upgrade to create a pvm elder maul. After this point u can go for 3 more pvm elder mauls by camping tokhaar-jad for 3 noxious scythes and 5 pvp mauls and remaking 2 more pvm elder mauls and getting 3 row i's and 4 upgrade crystals for an empowered elder maul and after u get this do as u please bc there isnt any content ingame u cant do. Btw i would recommend to do tormented demons at 90 slayer but u need to get a darklight so either borrow one or buy one. kill tormented demons for tormented wings and stock up on slayer tickets so u can finish upgrading your flaming skull. and if u get all 99's u will get completionist cape and golden money and the golden monkey auto picks up your drops so u can afk while u pvm certain bosses and the completionist cape gives 2% droprate Useful tips: ;;rewards shows u the items that u can get from all reward boxes in the game and ;;droprates shows u the name of all drop rate items in the game and how much droprate they give Super end game: u can go farm Obsidian boss for obsidian pieces and these arent the same as the ones in the bounty hunter shop and make sure u check out the bounty hunter shop and familiarize yourself with that obsidian as its not the high tier one and its super bad. but after u get this u will be set and practically op enough to do whatever u want and dont gamble as the risk isnt worth it and it will only slow down your grind to end game because in blackjack as the player its harder for u to win than the host. Btw upgrading drygore rapiers is how u get exq set and u need slayer tickets and upgrade crystals to make empowered drygore rapiers and upon upgrading the empowered drygore rapiers u will recieve exq set but this is a super long grind and i dont recommend it until u are set gear wise farming zombies in wildy and u get there via the battlemaster this area isnt safe and if u are killed u will lose items so bring 2 items a row i and chaotic t2 maul and if u get any drops run and killing these zombies they drop statues that convert to 10-20 slayer tickets so its an easier way to farm them rather than doing slayer Now remember these methods are prone to not working or being harder to do as more people start do them so be creative and look for bosses that have good drops and there's no one there
  12. post your idea about zone for sponsor etc what map he should use for this location lzone sponsor etc
  13. i made a new account "i cant win" and it logged out instantly, says its still logged in and then i made a 2nd account "i cant win2" and did the same thing its been 3 days now and i cant make a new account because to many log ins from my ip. can anyone fix?
  14. kev20

    Xp reset

    your combat xp reset when you take a setup pvp it reset to 13m but i want to stay with my xp cause of the highscore
  15. Many people ask "How do I change my prayer?" Here's the answer. To change your Magic Spellbook/Prayer open your Stats Tab and right click on either of the respective icons. Choose "change book" and your Spellbook/Prayer will be changed. Easy as that.
  16. Hello and welcome to my first guide on Ehtrix RSPS! This is a Starter Guide By Hydrogen When you log in for the first time you will be asked to choose your Game Mode: After choosing your Game Mode, you will be given a starter kit and 99 Combat stats (if Instant Mode): Equip your armor and lite whip and go to ::train to kill NPCs called "Man" for loot and leveling up: Man Droptable Star Wings 2.25% Empowered Gem 2.35% Mbox(PvM) 2.25% Mbox(Wing) 2.05% Mbox(Nex) 1.75% Mbox(Boss) 1.45% You wanna go for a good weapon such as chaotic cls(lite) which you will get from PvM and Boss mboxes, get it empowered by upgrading it to t2 (2 gems per upgrade, total 4 gems needed). As for armor you wanna go for torva from Boss mboxes. Once you have decent armor and weapons you wanna go to Jad in boss tele, turn on turmoil & ss. Farm Jad he is fairly easy and has a 100% Mbox(PvM) droprate. From Mbox(PvM) you wanna get lava demon horn boots for melee, pvm monkey for dr, t1 slayer shield for 10% dr (helps a lot, you can upgrade to t2 with two t1's for 20% up to t5), row(i) and collect 5 to upgrade it to empowered row, farm crystal upgrades & empowered gems, pvm wings and possibly upgrade them to eternal wings and if you are lucky you could get ehtrix boots from the pvm mbox. This is how you will get to mid/high tier setup. It will take some time but focus on upgrading your weapon first and getting your DR with slayer shield upgrades. Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it helped 🙂
  17. atef

    duel scam

    IGN of the person you are reporting: enis Please explain the situation in detail: we went in duel and he was leaching? Please provide proof of the offense(Screenshots, Video, Etc.):
  18. Welcome to A god's Free & Professional Middleman Thread Number of Trades MM'd 0. (will be continuously updated) Largest Amount Trusted As A MM 0. (will be continuously updated) Some High Value Middleman Trades will be updated with every 100+ skill bags worth of MM's. My Discord Tag: a god#3952 (if contacting me on discord please verify with me ingame.) Why Choose Me ? You'll come to find out that I am one of the most trustworthy players you will meet in a rsps, I have played multiple rsps's throughout the years & if you have come across me then you should know how much trust I instill in players. Types of Trades I Middleman ~ Dicezone gambling. ~ Bank transfer's. ~ automatic donation trades (holding the items until one recieves the donation) mostly staff will assist you but if noones online & only if the automatic donation system comes back, currently it has been disabled. * If you don't see your trade in the list above, shoot me a PM nonetheless and I'm sure I can still help you out. Terms of Service ~ Both parties must agree to the trade, if one does not respond in terms of the trade i will give back instantly. ~ Both parties must vouch for me after the middleman is done (i will use a screenshot of you saying the trade amount & confirming it went smoothly) If you decide to use me as your middleman, you agree to and understand these terms.
  19. E M T

    Forgot my password

    IGN: E M T Forgot my password after game has a bug in emotes cause the game to crash. please help!!!
  20. godzbelow

    need help

    been playing all day got off for a couple hours, tired to join again and stuck at 1%hecking for updates, wont let me do anything not even join discord to talk so here I am
  21. Wonderful updates Jesse! Keep up the good work!
  22. Good job on the bug fixes, and thankyou to everyone who was patient during the first initial release 😄
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