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  1. Ehtrix

    Client Crashes When Logging ing

    Feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/dkKr6jx Also, are you running the client on a mac?
  2. Ehtrix

    Planned Update:

  3. Ehtrix

    Planned Update:

    Hey guys, this is something I plan on having finished by next week, these updates will most likely happen all at once. Most of this updates have to do with quality of life, and slight content addition. I thank you for the support you guys have provided for these past 2 weeks! To do: 1. Fix the world boss barrelchest NPC respawn: -this boss is meant to spawn all around our game map. What’s the problem? The issue with it is that it won't unspawn after it is killed. What’s the solution? It is only to be killed once and not spawn back, unless it is 4 hours later. 2. Fix vengeance & overload issues: -vengeance: What's the problem? players are able to multiple times after they are hit. What's the solution? A player is only to be allowed to use the vengeance spell after 30 seconds. -overloads: What's the problem? Overloads only last a few seconds after they are consumed. What's the solution? Overloads should last for 5 minutes, and then heal 500 health points (one time) when after it has been consumed for 5 minutes. out. 3. Fix bank tabs: -bank tabs are not working at all. 4. Fix ironman mode: Ironmen should not be able to trade, gamble, or pick up items dropped by players, or visit the sell anything shop. The iron-man mode was coded before, with a title set as“[ironman]” once a person clicked the option to become an ironman. For some reason it is not working. What is the problem? Currently, an ironman is able to do all of the things above when it should not. What is the solution? Ironmen should not able to trade, gamble, or pick up items dropped by players, or visit the sell anything shop 5. Allow players to skip tasks: Players should be able to speak to the slayer master (sumona) to reset their tasks. 6.Fix bots not displaying hits: The bots are working, however, while attacking a bot, the health bar nor does the bot hit mark show of the bot. 7.Escape to close interfaces: work on the ability for a player to press escape to exit any interface. 8. Client zooming: A player should be able to scroll using their mouse to zoom. 9. Agility courses: Currently online 1 agility course works. Work on the barbarian outpost, and have the agility pyramid course to work too. 10. 1hp: Add the ability for a player to execute the command ;;1hp this would instantly change their health point to 1 11. Make drops announce in the yell: For some reason, drops are not announcing on yell, have this fixed. 12. Friends chat: When a person starts, force them to join friends chat: help 13. High risk arena: In game we have a high risk arena, you can access it via the global teleport portal. Everything works fine, except, when a person dies, they do not lose items. The goal is to have the arena where a person loses all items even if they have their item protection prayer on after they die in this arena. I love it when you guys bother me with suggestions, you can reply to this thread, if you'd like to see something added! Thank You, Jesse
  4. Ehtrix

    The Official Starter Guide

    Part 2: Alright, slayer is okay, what else can I do? You can go to the zombie mini-game, here you can pvm for tropical torva pieces, zaros sword, domx crossbow, zaros sword, zaros wand, and statuettes, these give slayer tickets, or you can use them to upgrade your icons such as healer, attacker, defender, and collector New: The skilling bag shop, and the ;;midzone and ;;wingzone were recently added!
  5. Ehtrix

    Mining Guide 1-99

    Thank you for contributing, well done!
  6. Ehtrix

    The Official Starter Guide

    Part 2: Alright, slayer is okay, what else can I do? You can go to the zombie mini-game, here you can pvm for tropical torva pieces, zaros sword, domx crossbow, zaros sword, zaros wand, and statuettes, these give slayer tickets, or you can use them to upgrade your icons such as healer, attacker, defender, and collector. You can buy slayer boxes, these give good items, from a god shortbow (lite), to slayer torva, pernix, and virtus! BE CAREFUL (BRING ONLY 1 WEAPON, THIS IS LEVEL 45 WILDERNESS, WALK SOUTH TO GO HOME!) zobmies.mp4
  7. Ehtrix

    The Official Starter Guide

    Hi everyone, this is for those of you who are completely new to the game, or would like an in depth synopsis of Ehtrix. Game Mode Selection: Normal Benefits: -Start with 99 combat -Ability to exchange items freely -Ability to change certain levels from the NPC located at home: Skills you can change level for are: Strength, attack, prayer, defense, constitution, range, and magic You will start with the Starter Box(instant): This box includes: Also includes: noted rocktails x500 What is Iron man mode? -You cannot change you skills, trade with players, or gamble,or pick up items, but you can drop items! -Your drop rate is boosted by 0.95% meaning almost 1%! -Make sure you equip your iron-man ring to have this drop rate bonus: Do not forget that you have the option to do: ;;commands (to view all your commands within the game) video4.mp4 ;;vengrunes, ;;barragerunes, ;;curseson, ;;cursesoff, ;;home (to teleport home) ;;dicezone (to teleport to the dicezone) ;;gear (to spawn gear) You can see there are a variety of gear selection options, you may go next, and see for yourself! Want to train a skill? -Right click to "teleport to" any skill Alright, now how do I obtain items within the game? -First it is recommended that you vote, it helps us, and many people buy votes for a decent price, you can vote every 12 hours! Now that you have voted, you will see a globe within the home area (west), you can use this to teleport anywhere on our map: Where do I go? -It is extremely recommended that you start at men, these drops all sorts of goodies! -Do not forget to overload and use your prayer, simply boost your stats to 125+ by doing this! pt1.mp4 What do the mystery boxes look like, and what do they give? -They give custom items, from wings to demon horn boots, spirit shields, and even upgraded items, pvm tickets, coins. I have opened a few, here's a hint at some of the loot you may receive: pt2.mp4 What are PvM Tickets? PvM tickets are common from the PvM mystery box, they can be used at the shop within the ;;home area (east): -You are able to use your PvM tickets for this shop, and you can also sell these exact items back for PvM tickets! -Some dragonbone pieces may go for as much as 85M PvM tickets, you can set yourself a goal to buy this decent gear! What are empowered gems for? -The name of the item speaks for itself, these gems have many purposes within the game, they can be used with any chaotic weapons to make them empowered from tier lite -> tier 1 -> tier 2 Example: I have a lite chaotic weapon, I can right click upgrade, I will need 2 empowered gems which are dropped by these men to upgrade my weapon: upgradegems.mp4 -Are there other items I can upgrade to? Yes, you can upgrade many items and turn them into noxious items, or empower them. If something is upgraded most likely, requirements will be shown. Other items can also be used on each other to be upgraded, in example, brutals, illums., etc. What do I do now after killing a few npcs for boxes? -You can move on to werewolves, they have a decent chance of dropping boxes too, and also, and empowered box (tier 2)! -The empowered box tier 2 contains tier 2 chaotic weapons. After opening some boxes, I have received upgrade crystals, what are these used for? These are one of the most valuable items within the game, they can be used to upgrade better items such as a noxious bow, wings, and much more. It is probably best to save them so that you can upgrade things in the future! What is the next starter zone? Do ;;midzone these ice demons drop all sorts of gear, most of which are ice pieces, and angel wings! What else can I do to make profit? -Slayer: Unlike other servers, slayer on here is very profitable, you can easily receive a task from Sumona within the ;;home ;;bank depending on your rank, you can teleport to your task. Not able to teleport to your task? Speak to the "slayer teleports" npc west of ;;home You'll also receive a slayer gem, this be right clicked to view how many NPC kills you have. You may also view the slayer shop to purchase items such as slayer boxes, the slayer shield, slayer gear, which can be upgraded to be the best gear within the game, and much more: video5.mp4 part3.mp4
  8. Ehtrix

    Comp cape and Skilling

    Thank you for contributing, will look into this soon!
  9. Claiming Items: After a successful purchase, return in-game and type into chat ::claimdonation. The items you purchased will be sent into your inventory or bank. You may only claim each purchase once. Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds for our products, as they are digital items that can be traded or lost. It is your own responsibility to keep up with your own items. If a dispute is filed with PayPal or the credit card company, you revoke your rights to your items or access to our network. Our store is automatic, if for some reason you do not receive your items, please contact a moderator in-game or through our forums to receive your items. It can take up to 48 hours to receive your items, but usually happens within the first few hours of reporting it. Your mileage may vary. https://ehtrix.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5-donation-terms-of-service/
  10. Ehtrix

    Donator Rank Benefits

    Hey, Fellow players, these are the benefits of donator ranks that we have as of right now, if you're interested in paying with another method within game. Feel free to message Jesse with the title stating "Custom Payment Donation"! Feel free to ask in game if you have any more questions! Sincerely, Jesse https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/566743227215118336/568883411809206288/ehtrix2.png
  11. Ehtrix

    Server Updates:

    Hello, If you guys are interested in knowing what we have planned in the future or what has been worked on, feel free to check this thread out! Update: The server is being cleaned up, to make skills such as fishing and mining work properly. As well as, buffs to the supplies shops. Also, donor benefits are to be worked on! Update: Fishing and mining now work for newer players. Ganodermic boss/runt spawn Have bork have 15k hp Fix bow sword empowered Fix the destroy option for mystery boxes Ganodermic boss 10x item fix item drop Remove all loot from puzzle box (to prevent dupe disable all loot from it) Add empowered gem drop to men (finished) Prevent sell back of lite whip Fix the slayer nex box Buff men drops Add overloads to the food/potions shop Decrease the price of flasks to 100k instead of 1m gp. Increased elder weapon speeds (Above are the most recent updates!) Pending Update: Slayer task skips based on player rank.