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  1. Try to logon now please.
  2. EHTRIX UPDATE LOG Hi everyone, we did a content update that consists of donor zones, a new shop , bosses, upgrade options, and more! Donator Zones Donator zones have been drastically improved. Now, every tank has its own unique zone with bosses. The Regular Donator Zone: The regular donator zone features the abyssal demon (ice). The abyssal demon (ice) drops: Abyssal whip (lite) Demon horn boots (ice) Torva, pernix, and virtus (ice) Angel wings (ice) The Super Donator Zone The super donator zone now features the monkey as an npc. The monkey offers similar drops to men, but at an increased rate. The Extreme Donator Zone In the extreme donator zone, you will be able to mine novite bars and sell them for more skilling coins than the average runite ore. This zone features a new boss called the WildyWyrm. The npc has the following drops to offer: Tanzanite helmet Drygore rapier main-hand Drygore rapier off-hand Lava korasi & more! The legendary donator zone In the legendary donator zone, you will be able to mine argonite bars that can be sold for more skilling coins than the novite bars. This zone also features a new dragon, shadow dragon. This new dragon has the following drops to offer: Serpentine helmet Shadow korasi Absorption wings & more! The Sponsor Donator Zone In the sponsor donator zone, you will be able to mine the most valuable bars, or resource, that can be sold for the most amount of skilling coins in the game. The zone consists of many npcs. Due to areas getting populated, there were the following npcs added to the zone: 99 slayer boss Shadow dragon Tz-har jad Tz-tok jad Werewolves Dark beast Monkeys Fire giant Moss giant Nomad Ice warrior Obsidian Bork Wildywyrm & more! New Item Upgrade Option The attacker icon is no upgradable! You can only upgrade your attacker icon from level 1-4. You can right click “upgrade” on attackers that range from this level to upgrade them. Slayer Boss Loot Adjustment The slayer boss now has much more to offer. It is no longer available in the regular donator zone. The only place you will be able to find the slayer boss is in the slayer boss zone, or sponsor zone! The 99 slayer boss has the follow drops to offer at an increased rate: Slayer ticket Slayer box Upgrade crystal Ice, fire, and earth crystal The new drops at the slayer boss consist of: Glacial katana main-hand Glacial katana off-hand Slayer nex boss The glacial katanas are new weapons and they come with true damage. They are only obtainable through the 99 slayer boss, or by donating: The new billionaire shop has been added, and you can access the shop by clicking beefy bill who is located south west of edgeville. It has one of the most desired crystals in the game that can be purchased through billz bags: Jad: One of the jad bosses no longer drops an infernal cape, and drops rate for that boss has decreased slightly. We will find a better way to introduce the infernal cape and make it a worthwhile item! The obsidian boss now gives you a 100% chance at obtaining the boss mystery box! The king black dragon now drops the noxious knowledge scroll! Item bonuses: The noxious staff finally has bonuses. Every slayer virtus piece has received an increase in bonuses. The exquisite swords have received an increase in bonuses overall! Sponsor Rank Adjustment: When donating for a sponsor ticket only from our new web store, you will receive a sponsor cape with it that has the following to offer: Increased drop rate by 2% 125+ in all bonuses overall *Note: the sponsor cape no longer banks loot* Donor Necklace: The new donor necklace now is the best in-slot necklace, offering the following perks: 2% drop rate 50+ in all bonuses Ability to loot all npc drops Unlimited run when worn 20% off items purchased using redeems in the donor shop Twisted, Infernal, and Imbued Heart: The twisted, infernal, and imbued heart have received an increase in bonuses overall. The twisted, and infernal heart now boost your bonuses to 125+. The twisted heart will increase your ranged to 125+ when it is used, and the infernal heart will now boost your strength, attack, and defense to 125+ The imbued heart now increases your magic bonuses to 118+ Due to popular demand, the overload potion flask has been added to the barrow’s for only 5,000,000 gold: Adjustments: The man boss, and zombies have been removed from safe areas. Now they are only attack-able in the wilderness! While the new site is in construction, and the old donation store didn’t work, we worked on implementing a new donation system that would allow for a coupon system, and total donated amount starting from now. You can use our new coupon code ‘LAUNCH’ to receive a discount when checking out of our new store athttps://app.gpay.io/store/ehtrix Redeem and mystic boxes are automatically doubled when donated for. You can use the command ;;claimdonation to claim your reward after you donate. The glacial katana set is available for a limited time! The Future of Ehtrix With everything being said, all prizes from the competition have been claimed. A recent prize was claimed by our staff member “pageoff”! There will be more events hosted like this in the future. Perhaps a new game mode could follow up with prizes hosted before. The new website is still being developed, and we are switching to a new platform that would allow players to vote. Voting has been disabled due to security reasons. You can expect the following updates in the future: New website (voting, landing page, etc.) Lottery well (global event) Item trade values (compiled once) Boss instances (trading x currency for an instanced boss) Tournament system (global event system with old school gold prizes) Bonus experience points rewarded when completing agility courses Increased loot from the ticket chest New healing icons Content bug fixes (compiled) Official Launch Competition Results: To sum up all of the winners for the competition: pageoff - iron-man completionist: Claimed paypal credit Ganjukas- skiller mode completionist: Claimed old school gold Hernandez- instant mode completionist: Claimed old school gold Supreme/Resse- 500 kills total obtained: Claimed paypal credit Youtuber with the most discord invites: Paypal credit claimed by ZachTX Top inviters: Paypal credit winners: Nikolas, S7even, and 911oho 100m old school gold tournament: This tournament will resume once the new tournament system is ready! You can use our new coupon code ‘LAUNCH’ to receive a discount when checking out of our new store at https://app.gpay.io/store/ehtrix Redeem and mystic boxes are automatically doubled when donated for. You can use the command ;;claimdonation to claim your reward after you donate.
  3. Launch day was pretty hectic, but we managed to make a good comeback with so many players online day one! There were more than 500 accounts registered, and we managed to make a good comeback regardless of attacks! I have so much to say! EHTRIX - DEVELOPER UPDATE - A new slayer system has been implemented. - A bug with the duel arena that allowed auras is fixed. - A dupe with the premade kits that allowed you to duplicate items is fixed. - Some chat colours were adjusted to make it easier to read. - Fixed ;;unskull not requiring out to be out of wilderness for 5 minutes. - Removed the ammulet of glory from premade kits and added a usage timer to it. ^ Everyone was only left one amulet of glory (wiped the majority of them). - A lot of bonuses and stats has been adjusted (not final). - MacOS and Safemode crashes are now completely fixed. - A bug where you would get the wrong Primal Maul as a drop has been fixed. - Custom Korasi weapons special attacks are now nerfed by 50% each. - Haunted weapons special attacks are now nerfed by 25% each. - Flaming sword special attack is now nerfed by 30%. - More custom weapons have been banned from used in PvP. - Much more has been fixed but not on top of my mind. - World bosses now respawn every 10 seconds instead of once every restart. ^ Includes Bork, Ehtrix God, Ehtrix Boss, Obsidian Boss, and other bosses. - Attacking your familiar now yields 25% chance of your familar attacking back. - Fixed a bug where you would be dancing when attacking large npcs or players. - Fixed a bug where mage and range attack styles are not checked for banned weapons. - Fixed a bug where banned weapons would cause you to be skulled if you are holding them. - Fixed a bug where nex would still be attacking you even after leaving the chamber. -Obsidian boss (npc is not respawning in coords: ( 2144, 5534, 3) for some reason -Bork (npc 7133) is not respawning in coords: ( 3096, 5537, 0) for some reason -fixed auto retaliate skull glitch -remove smite from primal maul ability from primal maul, and decrease its special attack multiplier to 0.75 -fix nex bug (teleports you randomly when you leave the lair, and it seems like damage is being done even after players exit the lair) -You cannot do runecrafting as it requires level 2 rc to start- fix to level 1 -fix an issue where people can use escape to close tabs -Remove Ehtrix chaotics from boxes and replace them with tier 2 chaotics -Fix message string for chaotic maul t2 —> elder maul upgrade -Lowered barrelchest (world boss) re-spawn time to 12 hours -Fix bounty hunter “weird gfx” underlay -Nerfed haunted claws special multiplier -Fixed ehtrix cbow -Limited account connections to two accounts only -Fixed farming patch map -Teleporting out in combat bug fix -Removed excessive slayer tickets -Allowed helpers and other staff to do ;;check accounts to see which accounts have the same account(true/false) -Finished ;;rewards list with proper rewards from boxes/caskets -Added ;;rules In ifteleports.java: -Added these teleport locations in the global teleports portal, convenient for slayer: Fire Giants Ice Warriors Dark Beasts Crawling Hands Infernal Mages Bloodvelds Gargolyes Dust Devils Nichryaels Abyssal Demons Moss Giants -Fixed an issue where some mystery boxes gave no reward at all -Fixed item bonuses for: tectonic, sirenic, colossus, red santa shoulder, blue santa shoulder pet, slayer dragon shoulder pet, and tormented demon shoulder pet. -Added the attacker aura as possible loot in mystic boxes -Added drops to toxic reaver like the slayer nex box -Lowered drop rate of ehtrix pieces to 0.7 at the server boss -Added upgrade options for the attacker icon upgrade -Removed "wing test 1" drop from revenants -Added slayer task skip option -Added a new barrow's shop that can be used to buy or sell barrow's pieces such as Dharok's for 25M cash -fixed follow freeze glitch in the wilderness Future Updates: lottery well, billionaire shop, loyalty shop Winners of the competition will be announced on the discord shortly!
  4. This is a quick guide that as made by @Ceqmregarding item upgrades! Chaotic Longsword Lite - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic longsword empowered (tier 1) - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Longsword Empowered (Tier 2) Chaotic Crossbow Lite - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Crossbow empowered (tier 1) - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Crossbow Empowered (Tier 2) Chaotic Rapier Lite - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Rapier empowered (tier 1) - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Rapier Empowered (Tier 2) Chaotic Maul Lite - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Maul empowered (tier 1) - 2 Empowered Gems - Chaotic Maul Empowered (Tier 2) Nox Scythe (EMP) - Nox Scythe, Noxious Knowledge Scroll, 2 Upgrade Crystals, and 2 Empowered Gems to upgrade Elder Maul (PVM) - Elder Maul (PVP), Elder Maul Scroll, Mystic Crystal, Noxious Scythe (EMP), All Chaotic T2 Weapons, 150M PVM Tickets, and 2 upgrade crystals. Noxious Bow - God Shortbow (Lite), Twisted Bow, Dark Bow (e), Flaming Sword, Fire Brutal, Noxious Knowledge, Ehtrix Wings, 150M PVM Tickets, and Zaros Bow. Fire Brutal - Brutal Whip + Fire Crystal Earth Brutal - Brutal Whip + Earth Crytal Ice Brutal - Brutal Whip + Ice Crytal Mystic Brutal - All Brutal Whips combined (Reg, Earth, Fire, and ice) Ehtrix Demon Horn Boots - (Reg DHB, Ice DHB, Fire DHB, and Dust DHB) Flaming Sword - Flurresence + 6 upgrade crystals Omen Maul (EMP) - Omen Maul + 400 Skilling Bags Fire illuminessence - illuminessence + Fire Crystal Earth illuminessence - illuminessence + Earth Crystal Ice illuminessence - illuminessence + Ice Crystal Mystic illuminessence - All illuminessence combined ( Reg, fire, earth, and ice) Elder Maul PVM (EMP) - 3 Elder Maul (PVP), Ring of wealth (i) 3x, 3 Elder Maul (PVM) and 4 Upgrade Crystals. There could be more to this, feel free to let us know what we missed!
  5. You can visit our discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/phCZYD & see what you can do!
  6. Jesse


    Below are the Ehtrix roles, and their respective powers so that you know more about them:
  7. @ghostpouch16What's your name on discord? I can help
  8. Jesse

    Zip. file

    @bastullDo you have a discord? You can contact me on there regarding your issue.
  9. Jesse


    So, as you guys know we had a bit of difficulties with the launch, and there were some issues regarding people not being able to login. We are now working towards fixing current content, before adding something new. Below are many issues that are have been fixed regarding the game server or website. I will make another announcement soon with a new list of updates or I will update this list again. We had too many players trying to logon, and the update server couldn't handle it, there were over 500+ accounts created on launch day, and there probably were hundreds of people that could not logon. We peaked around 290 players. I will continue to get bugs fixed. GAME SERVER 1. Fixed an issue with mystery boxes not rewarding a player every time. 2. Fixed an issue with colossus 3. Adjusted korasi weapon damages 4.Added the a healing box at home 5.Fixed issue with the home teleport randomly teleport players to another location 6. Fixed pathing for walking 7. Fixed an issue with custom kits 8. Fixed null account issue -players were previously allowed to make usernames with special characters, now they cannot 9. Korasi weapons are currently disabled due to one hitting 10. Fixed vengeance 11. Dialogues are fixed 12. Construction fixed 13. Protection prayer Left to do: 1. Player trading 2. Bork WEBSITE: 1. Added a new layer of protection, the website will always be online now and protected.
  10. Claiming Items: After a successful purchase, return in-game and type into chat ::claim. The items you purchased will be sent into your inventory or bank. You may only claim each purchase once. Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds for our products, as they are digital items that can be traded or lost. It is your own responsibility to keep up with your own items. If a dispute is filed with paypal or the credit card company, you revoke your rights to your items or access to our network. Our store is automatic, if for some reason you do not receive your items, please contact a moderator in-game or through our forums to receive your items. It can take up to 48 hours to receive your items, but usually happens within the first few hours of reporting it. Your mileage may vary.

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Ehtrix is a new custom private server, it is based on the revision 667 with custom items, whether they be modified OSRS items, Ehtrix allows the ability for players to login and pk or go against creatures within the game.

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