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  1. Thanks Nikolas 🙂
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    Yes i love it! cant wait for season 5 !!!
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    Indeed 🙂
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    hey thanks 🙂
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    Hi my name is Casey, I love to play Runescape and Runescape Private Servers. I enjoy being apart if a humble and joyful community and being able to help anyone with what they need. I have played Runescape for over 10 years now and also Old School Runescape since day one. Accounts - 117 Main 60 Attack Zerker Toxic Staff Pure 75 Attack Zerker 10 Defence Pure 10 HP Ironman Favorite account build - 10 HP Ironman Toxic Staff Pure See you online! 🙂 CASEY 🙂
  6. Hello ladies and gents, as of August 15th i will be creating Ehtrix first wilderness clan. I have decided to come up with a name for our group #WILDRIDDLE I am open to changing the name of the CC if everyone can agree on a name together or we can stick with what we have. Rules for the clan are as followed : 1. You must always be respectful in the CC meaning do not be toxic to fellow clan mates or in the CC in general. 2. If for instance 10 players from our CC are on a guy in max and we get the kill 15% will always go to the Teleblocker, an additional 20% will be split between the clan. For the person who got the kill will keep the remaining 65% of the kill. 3. Anyone caught bsing another clan member will be instantly removed from the clan and banned from further adventures in the wilderness in the group ( must provide proof meaning a video / screenshot ). 4. Players who are ranked with high enough status will have the power to kick players from the CC, this is also linked to rule 3. 5. Any scamming/luring that goes on in the CC will be reported to staff but you most also provide proof of player scamming you. If staff agree's to the report the player will be instantly banned from the CC. 6. Is to have fun enjoy yourself and make some money. Each rank will be given to player who has showed that they can be trusted within the group. Hope to see a-lot of people online on August 15th lets go! TEAM - #WILDRIDDLE Casey

About us

Ehtrix is a new custom private server, it is based on the revision 667 with custom items, whether they be modified OSRS items, Ehtrix allows the ability for players to login and pk or go against creatures within the game.

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