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  1. Good to see you! I'm sure it will! 🙂
  2. Hey hey! Nice to meet you!
  3. Pious

    Ehtrix Game Features:

    Les gett dis breadddd! Good luck everybodayyyyyyyy 😛 🙂 😄 ❤️ <333333
  4. Hey! I'm glad you asked, to clear up the confusion for all. This is the link to the xp rates for each game mode: Maxing should mean all skills, combat and non combat. If you have further questions, feel free to ask! 🙂
  5. Would love to see updates after launch! keep us posted, good luck! 🙂
  6. Hey! I'm sure we're all excited for the launch! I personally love the grind on servers too 🙂
  7. Hoho, hey trusted! Seems like you’ll be a big part of the game! I agree that players do need to stick with one another to have as much fun as possible. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in game! 😊
  8. Pious


    Wow 10 years! that dedication! good to have you here then 😄
  9. Very fair benefits for the appropriate rank! Gotta love it ❤️
  10. Looks neat! I'd advise to put the clip in the homepage of the ehtrix website! (where it says 'coming soon' trailer for the server) :3

About us

Ehtrix is a new custom private server, it is based on the revision 667 with custom items, whether they be modified OSRS items, Ehtrix allows the ability for players to login and pk or go against creatures within the game.

Useful links

Feel free to check them out!

Global events

Global events such as tournaments and the world boss offer unique items! you can participate in them for free!

About voting

Your vote means so much to us, you can vote to help us reach the top list of private servers, and receive awards!

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