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Drop rates guide

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Ruuyk    0

The items that give drop rate, and how much drop rate they give.

Ring of wealth: 0.50%

Ring of wealth (i): 0.75%

Ring of wealth (empoowered): 1%

Completionist cape: 2% (Also has auto-pickup and sends to bank)

Slayer Gloves/Boots: 0.25%

PvM Monkey: 0.25%

Slayer Octo: 0.35%

Dragonbone: 0.15%

Slayer nex: 0.25%

Blood necklace: 0.15%

PvM Wings: 0.25%

Slayer shield Tier 1: 0.10%

Slayer shield Tier 2: 0.20%

Slayer shield Tier 3: 0.30%

Slayer shield Tier 4: 0.40%

Slayer shield Tier 5: 0.50%

Slayer Flame Tier 1: 0.2%

Slayer Flame Tier 2: 0.4%

Slayer Flame Tier 3: 0.6%

Slayer Flame Tier 4: 0.8%

Iron Man ring: 1% (only works on iron mans)

Hope everyone finds this useful.

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