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Ehtrix    1

1. Toxic reavor has been made a multi boss

2. The toxic reavor now drops an imbued heart

3. Removed green boot drops from nomadian zone

4. Added another nomad boss at the nomadian zone

5. Ganodermic boss no longer offers assassin pieces

6. Remove elite void from the pvp coin shop

7. world boss was added

8. loot announcement on yell depending on the value of the loot

9. fixed issue with many drops not showing globally on the yell

10. fixed issue with hunter & construction health points not showing

11. allow 2x players are allowed from the same IP to be logged in at once

12. fixed vengeance

13. when you die, you no longer get tool kits to make up for 3 items kept on death

14. fixed issue with some range weapons not hitting 2x 

15. if a player is in a safe zone, and they want to teleport ;;home, they can do so without waiting as long as they are not in the wilderness.

16. Forced new players to join help chat

17. added ;;onehp command for dharok pkers!

18. added client zooming

19. prayer renewals now work

20. iron man mode has been fixed-can't loot others' loot or trade players, also the appropriate title and yell abilities have been applied.

21. toxic blowpipe empowered will now shoot 4 darts (you need 800 billz bags to make this)

22. when you kill somebody in the wilderness, the killer's loot is announced 

23. lag issue fixed, to support more players.

24. Ehtrix wings now have rainbow particles and a dark purple/black shade

25. Added the command ;;teleports to access the global teleports for players.




-you can now access achievements, complete theme for rewards ranging from skill fragments and billz bags!

-there are over 31 achievements ranging from skills, pvm, slayer, and pvp activity!

Skilling & Billionaire shop Merge:



Player owned shop:

Supports buying, and selling in bill bags, and coins, here are the options for the player owned shop:




Imbued heart:







Donator Benefits:



Bounty Hunter:
1. Kill your bounty hunter target to obtain a mysterious emblem, upgrade it to tier 10 for every time you kill your target!

2. You can do ;;skip task every 30 minutes if needed to skip your bounty hunter target.

3. The bounty hunter shop was added:

-you can now trade your emblems in for bounty hunter points

-elite void pieces are not kept on death

-cursed relic can be used on upgraded bandos to make bandos cursed- these pieces are kept on death, and can't be traded

-added bounty hunter cape

-add granite maul (or)

-infernal cape

-add magic shortbow (i)- uses 50% special instead of 55% and is kept on death, and can't be traded

- Vengeance skull, this skull allows you to vengeance, without having astral runes, earth runes, and death runes, it can also be clicked to formulate vengeance (recolour it & change right click opens to vengeance)

-the fire max cape was added- untradable- & kept on death

-the infernal max cape was added- untradable- & kept on death

-bounty hunter teleport scroll: teleport to your targets or teleport home from anywhere in the wilderness with this scroll

-redeems & OSRS gp will probably be purchasable with bounty hunter points in the near future.




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