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Server Updates:

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If you guys are interested in knowing what we have planned in the future or what has been worked on, feel free to check this thread out!




The server is being cleaned up, to make skills such as fishing and mining work properly. As well as, buffs to the supplies shops. Also, donor benefits are to be worked on!


Fishing and mining now work for newer players. 

  1. Ganodermic boss/runt spawn 

  2. Have bork have 15k hp 

  3. Fix bow sword empowered 

  4. Fix the destroy option for mystery boxes 

  5. Ganodermic boss 10x item fix item drop

  6. Remove all loot from puzzle box (to prevent dupe disable all loot from it) 

  7. Add empowered gem drop to men (finished)

  8. Prevent sell back of lite whip 

  9. Fix the slayer nex box 

  10. Buff men drops 

  11. Add overloads to the food/potions shop 

  12. Decrease the price of flasks to 100k instead of 1m gp.

  13. Increased elder weapon speeds


(Above are the most recent updates!)

Pending Update:

Slayer task skips based on player rank. 




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