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Mining Guide 1-99

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Table of Contents
1. Tools
2.  Types of Ores
3. 1-99 Guide
4. Tips & Tricks


(NOTE: Not every pickaxe is covered here, just the main milestone pickaxes - you can buy these from the Dwarf in the mining area)

Iron pickaxe Iron pickaxe - level 1 - 1 Skilling Coin

Mithril pickaxe Mithril pickaxe - level 21 - 13,000 Skilling Coins

Rune pickaxe Rune pickaxe - level 41 - 32,000 Skilling Coins


Types of Ores

latest?cb=20160122043817 Copper ore - Level 1

350?cb=20160122044134 Tin ore - Level 1

350?cb=20160122045329 Iron ore - Level 15

latest?cb=20160122054929 Mithril ore - Level 55

350?cb=20160122055933 Adamant ore - Level 70

latest?cb=20160122061251 Runite ore - Level 85


1-99 Guide

Level 1 - Tin & Copper ore
2,625 exp

Amount needed to be mined until Iron Ore: x1

Level 15 - Iron ore
5,250 exp

Amount needed to be mined until Mithril Ore: x32

Level 55 - Mithril ore
12,000 exp

Amount needed to be mined until Adamant Ore: x48

Level 70 - Adamant ore
14,250 exp

Amount needed to be mined until Runite Ore: x177

Level 85 - Runite ore
18,750 exp

Amount needed to be mined until Level 99: x522
(Total exp gained = 13,056,375)


Tips & Tricks

1. Spend 2b ingame cash and activate the  well for an extra 30 minutes of increased
XP rate; it isn't much and can really speed up the time it takes to get level 99.

2. Wait till you're around 5 levels above the needed level for an ore so you can mine it faster, you get
faster exp rates this way.

3. Always use the best pickaxe you can as this will drastically improve your rates of mining ores.

5. Save up all of your ores as you will need these for smithing in the future!.

6. Save up all of your Skilling Coins & Fragments as these will be very as more updates come to the sever.

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